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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Soft Skills

For detailed descriptions of each and every soft competency or soft skill, please refer:

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Two Basic Types of Skills
  • Hard skills
  • Soft skills
Hard Skills
  • Hard skills are technical skills. Like writing programs for computers, preparing a balance sheet, working on a particular machine for a particular process in a manufacturing workshop, acting in a television serial or a cinema film, carrying out a surgery etc.
  • One must have proficiency in these skills in order to become a good professional in one's chosen fields and to earn decent living.
  • Hard skills are important and you should never undermine them. They are your bread and butter skills.
  • Hard skills are more rational types.
Soft Skills
  • One can do a still better job of one's chosen professions if one also acquires proficiency in those soft skills which are required to perform the jobs better. These soft skills are behavioral in nature. For example, how do you communicate with the people, how good are you in making business presentations, how empathetic you are with the people you come across, can you work as a team member, do you manage your time well and so on.
  • These skills make all the difference. Mere technical skills allow you certain degree of success. You can achieve higher degree of success if you equip yourself with soft skills too.
  • Technical skills are obvious and people learning them find it easy to understand and follow the processes of acquiring these skills.
  • However, one wonders as to what is there to learn in soft skills; you are already doing them. Say, communication. You have been speaking and listening from the very young age and so, one may think as to what is there to learn more and how to learn. But if you look around, you may find that some people are more effective in speaking than others. Here is the answer. The people who speak more effectively have learnt and practiced to speak effectively. They have followed and implemented certain processes and guidelines for speaking more effectively. It did hot happen to them accidentally or automatically.
  • Soft skills make a difference in the external and internal personalities. People who acquire soft skills of high order are more sophisticated, more cultured, more reformed and are found to be more successful in every walk of life.
  • Therefore, in addition to perfecting your hard skills, also try to perfect your soft skills.
  • Soft skills improve your emotional intelligence (Refer: Emotional Intelligence)
Both Skills Necessary

For example, a tourist guide has to know the technical aspects of his job like showing his tourists the right places in a proper sequence with authentic commentary on them, the legalities of his job, the safety aspect of his tourists etc, yet, he will be more in demand and earn more if he also has the necessary soft skills for the job like manners and etiquette, interpersonal relations with tourists, humor, creativity etc.

Inventory of Soft Skills

(The detailed descriptions of all the soft skills are given at and and we suggest you refer these sites for greater advantage to you).

You must try to find out what soft skills you should choose to acquire and develop for success in your personal, professional, family and social life.

Given below a comprehensive list of soft skills for your guidance.
  1. Observation (Refer: Self Development, Self-concept)
  2. Know yourself (introspection) (Refer: Self Development, Self-concept)
  3. Openness and flexibility (paradigm shifting) (Refer: Effectiveness Management: HSoftware), Paradigm and Paradigm Shift)
  4. Internal motivation and passion (Refer: Motivation)
  5. Action orientation, drive and self initiation 
  6. Self development (Refer: Personality and Winners and Losers)
  7. Self confidence (Refer:
  8. Assertiveness (Refer:, eBook at:
  9. Integrity (Refer:
  10. Trustworthiness
  11. Composure and self presentation (appearance, manners and etiquette) (Refer: Executive Etiquette and Manners, Cross Cultural Etiquette and Manners, Telephone Etiquette, Dining Etiquette and Table Manners), Email Etiquette
  12. Intellectual horsepower and learning
  13. Creativity and innovation (Refer: Creativity and Innovation), Six Thinking Hats, TRIZ- Inventive Problem Solving)
  14. Conviction
  15. Moral courage (Refer:
  16. Dependability and reliability
  17. Dealing with ambiguity
  18. Time management (Refer: eBook at
  19. Goal setting and result orientation (Refer: eBook at 
  20. Decision making (Refer: Decision Making and Six Thinking Hats))
  21. Problem solving and process orientation (Refer:
  22. Organizing (Refer: Functions of Management)
  23. Coordinating
  24. Delegation (Refer: Delegation)
  25. Communication (speaking, listening, empathy, body language, writing) (Refer:, Written Communication)
  26. Interpersonal skills (Refer: Interpersonal Relations and Transaction Analysis and Emotional Intelligence))
  27. Negotiation (Refer:
  28. Conflict management (Refer:
  29. Presentation (Refer:
  30. Convincing
  31. Coaching and developing people (Refer:
  32. Counseling (Refer:
  33. Mentoring (Refer:
  34. Team work (Refer:
  35. Team building (Refer:
  36. Consensus building (Refer: Group Dynamics, Team Building)
  37. Conducting meetings (Refer:
  38. Leading (Refer:
  39. Big picture thinking and strategic thinking (Refer: Critical Thinking)
  40. Motivating others (Refer:, Positive Strokes)
  41. Controlling (Refer: Functions of Management)
  42. Safety (Refer: Behavioral Safety)
  43. Stress management (Refer:
  44. Conflict management (Refer:
  45. Entrepreneurship and ownership (Refer: Entrepreneurship, Ownership)
  46. Anger Management (Refer:, eBook & paperback at Amazon
Get Started
  • Go through the above list very carefully and tick out the soft skills where you need to pull up yourself.
  • Then, you have to go through the cycle of gaining authentic knowledge of that skill, understanding the process (the standard operating procedure- SOP) of building that skill, practicing that skill following the process (SOP).
  • Practicing it, practicing it and practicing it till you get the mastery over that skill, till that skills gets internalized in you- it becomes your habit. (Refer Competency Matrix
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13. Essentials of Work Study (Method Study and Work Measurement)
14. Essentials of Time Management (Taking Control of Your Life)
15. Essentials of 5S Housekeeping
16. Essentials of Quality Circles
17. Essentials of Goal Setting
18. Essentials of Anger Management
19. Essentials of Assertive Behavior
20. Essentials of Performance Management & Performance Appraisal
21. Essentials of Effective Communication
22. Health Essentials (Health Is Wealth)
23. The Romance of Intimacy (How to Enhance Intimacy in a Relationship?)

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28. My Father (Biography)
29. Travelogue: Scandinavia, Russia
30. Travelogue: Europe
31. सीमाओं के परे: एक अलग प्रेम कहानी (Hindi version of the novel “Love Knows No Bounds”)

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